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the Artist



Throughout my life I have enjoyed painting.As a student and as a teacher I have found that direct observation is my best ally. Investigative, eclectic and a fresh spontaneous manner are the elements that I attempt to integrate into my paintings. Working outdoors in “plein air” and from still lives, set up in my studio, enable me to make use of direct observation. The paintings I produce are like anecdotes in my life. They tell the story of what interests me from simple to complex. Through my many travels abroad I have been blessed with the opportunity to view spectacular sights first hand. My portable easel and a limited palette of oils accompany me when I explore the many wonders of the world and of my home in the Charleston area. Reconstructing the engaging secrets of the local life and landscapes have captured my imagination. Peaceful scenes, country people, subtle perceptions all are integrated in the Low Country lights and shadow. The reflective light of the marsh and water, the subtle light found as dawn breaks all have found their way into my oil paintings. People interacting in my landscapes give my paintings a fresh vitality. The element of investigation and recording color and light into my compositions presents me with welcome challenges. The fundamental principles of form, color, light, edge, value and rhythm are all important when interpreting my unique perspectives. My long term goal is to be a life long artist. Since childhood I have endeavored to deepen my understanding of art through creating variety. From scenes of the busy market to the quiet majesty of the blue heron walking silently in the marsh, my subjects come alive on the canvas. The elements of color and light interacting with the rhythms of the environment enable me to achieve my goals . Ginny Versteegen

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