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Waiting for Summer.jpg

Waiting for Summer  30x40

On a Clear Day.JPG

On a Clear Day  12x16

Mountain Mist.JPG

Mountain Mist  18x20


Spring  11x14

Study for Waiting for Summer.JPG

Study for Waiting for Summer  11x14

Tulips in the Garden.JPG

Tulips in the Garden  11x14

Swirling Skies.JPG

Swirling Skies  12x16

A Perfect Day.JPG

A Perfect Day  12x16


Reflections  20x16

On the Creek.JPG

On the Creek  8x10

View of Missoula.JPG

View of Missoula  11x14

Rolling In.JPG

Rolling In  12x16


Dawn  30x40

Shem Creek Glow.JPG

Shem Creek Glow  18x24

Spririt of South Carolina.JPG

Spririt of South Carolina  30x24

Blue Ridge Barn.jpg

Blue Ridge Barn  24 x 30

Dance of the Blue Heron.jpg

Dance of the Blue Heron  16 x 20

Early Morning Mist.jpg

Early Morning Mist  16 x 20

View from San Gimignano.jpg

View from San Gimignano  11 x 14

Morning Has Broken.jpg

Morning Has Broken  16 x 20

Low Country Delight.jpg

Low Country Delight  16 x 20


Vineyard  16 x 20

Tuscan Vineyard.jpg

Tuscan Vineyard  24 x 30

Waiting for Summer.jpg

Waiting for Summer  24 x 30

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